“It’s not just a dance…It’s Tango.”

Yes, there is some choreography, there is technique, but much more than that, there is the pleasure which comes from sharing with a kindred spirit something beautiful and unique, but which lasts for only a few moments in time.

If you’ve been dancing tango for some time you’ll recognise what I’m saying. If you’re new to the dance you are in for a treat.

If you want to experience the Argentine Tango for the first time, or feel you would like to improve your existing Tango, please allow me to be your guide. Check our Classes page to see how we can help you on your tango journey.

One of the fascinating things about Argentine tango is that you can dance with the same partner, to the same tune, in the same environment, on two different occasions and produce an entirely different dance. While most tango dances contain recognisable figures or patterns of movement, there are no long sequences of learned choreography. There is only your mood, and your partners mood, your dance technique, and the music, which together produce ‘the next step’ at that instant in time.

The roots of Tango start in Buenos Aires, and if you have time (about an hour), watch this video to get a feel of what tango means to some of the legendary tango dancers of their day.

The wonderful thing about the people in the video is that they are ordinary people like you and me who came into contact with Tango (sometimes quite by accident), fell in love with it, and who loved social dancing. Any fame, or professional careers which they may have achieved sprung from their love of the dance.

So if you haven’t taken the plunge into Tango, start now. It might change your life!