What are we up to this Season?

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 Tango Elegante classes and Coronavirus in 2022

Hope everybody had a good Christmas and New Year holiday and that you’re all staying healthy.

We are back in our new Winter season with another ’10 Week to Tango’ course starting 22nd Jan 2022. We will be running it in a cautious way as before. With the Omnicron variant of Covid being more transmissive even if less lethal, I am limiting the course to just four fully vaccinated couples. Please see our ‘Ten Week to Tango’ course page for more details of the course, safety rules and the booking form.

Three couples places are still available, so if you want to learn Argentine tango and can make it to Pinner, North London this weekend I would love to see you.

Please follow the Government advice and stay safe.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.


Lounge Tango – Tango Salon

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