What are we up to this Season?

Lots of things coming up in April 2018!

I’m already looking forward to the Summer ‘Milonga De Verano’ which will be at the end of June (dates to be confirmed, but hopefully last Sunday of the month). I might try a different cake recipe (chocolate cake well is a safe option and would always get eaten, but… ๐Ÿ™‚ ), and since the German Foxtrot/milonga and Japanese tango tunes were well received, I may try out some Turkish tango tunes to dance to ๐Ÿ™‚

Spring Season Argentine Tango Classes

Tango Elegante Spring Season - couple dancing in gazeboFrom April 5th we start our Spring Season, with a slight format change. The main class will still start at 8:30pm for 90 mins with 30 mins practise afterwards, but there will be no taster session beforehand. Instead new beginners who never danced tango before will get their first lesson for free.

If you haven’t yet experienced Argentine tango, now is the time to give it a go (none of us are getting any younger, so why wait? ๐Ÿ™‚ ) Please drop in and try us out.

Our current teaching room has limited space so if you want to guarantee your place, please register for our Spring Season Tango Classes using our booking form, or just take a chance and pop along to see us.ย You will find more details and a registration form (to help identify leaders and followers) at the link above.

10 Weeks to Tango Course in Pinner

I’m glad to report that both our ‘A Taste of Tango’ workshops in March in Pinner Parish Church Hall, Church Lane, Pinnerย  were a great success! The people of Pinner want to learn Argentine Tango!

Couple dancing tango Ten Weeks to Tango version 3So I am running a whole introductory course for Argentine Tango starting on Saturday 14th April at the same venue. ย This will be suitable for beginners, improvers, and low-end intermediates, (up to 12 months or so dancing Argentine Tango). More details and a booking form for the ’10 Weeks To Tango’ course can be found here.

Please note, places will be limited (10 max), and I would like to balance leaders and followers as far as possible, so booking will be mandatory for this course. Don’t leave it too late and be disappointed ๐Ÿ™‚

I look forward to seeing you soon


Musicality in Tango Dancing – Part Four

In the third part of this series we looked at the Orchesta Tipica, the instruments and how they express different elements of the music. Now we can look at the structure of a tango tune in more detail. I will look at one popular tune ‘Mimosa’ recorded by the Francisco Canaro Orchestra in 1929, hence … Continue reading “Musicality in Tango Dancing – Part Four”

Baking a Tasty Tango

As some of you know I bought myself a bread-maker as a Christmas present, and of course being a man I plunged ahead and started on the first inaugural loaf. I had all the ingredients (well apart from the odd substitute here and there). I had most of the tools required (or thought I did … Continue reading “Baking a Tasty Tango”

Musicality in Tango Dancing – Part Three

In the second part of this series we looked at which elements of a tango tune could be expressed in your dance, and in order to look at those elements in more detail we need to first have a quick look at the orchestra, the instruments and how they express different elements of the music … Continue reading “Musicality in Tango Dancing – Part Three”

Musicality in Tango Dancing – Part Two

The Argentine Tango music which tends to be played at the majority of social dances is traditional music from the period between the 1930’s to mid 1950’s (often called Golden Age music). While it is possible to dance the tango to more modern music (known as Nuevo from the 1960’s onward, and ‘Alternative’ which is … Continue reading “Musicality in Tango Dancing – Part Two”