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 Tango Elegante classes and Coronavirus


So we’ve just about got the hang of how to run classes with Covid safety in mind, and now we have to contend with a fuel panic induced by the excitable media. Lets hope the 200 army tanker drivers helping with fuel deliveries as of Mon 4th Oct manage to make an impact on travel confidence next week.

So our ‘Ten Week to Tango’ course start date has been pushed back to the 9th Oct. One couple is already booked and keen to start. Three couples places are still available, so if you want to learn Argentine tango and can make it to Pinner, North London next weekend I would love to see you.

Just click the link above to go to our event page. The booking form is at the bottom. See you soon.


We are finally recommencing courses and workshops. We are doing so with caution, so although there are no particular Government restrictions relating to Covid 19 at the moment, we recognise that restrictions may come back at any time if infection rates in the UK go too high. We will be running our courses with some sensible rules around reducing potential virus transmission. These are shown on the event pages so please read them before booking your places.

The dance community around the whole world has been hard hit by the lock-downs and restrictions of the last 18 months. Those dance schools who have opened earliest are still operating restricted numbers relative to the size of their venues. We are all acutely aware that places like dance halls could add to the infection problem, and none of us want to see this branch of art and social interaction being closed down for being too accommodating to virus transmission now or in the future.

Although the UK Government has stated that they will do everything to avoid another national lock-down, I still think local lock-downs are a possibility, especially over the winter period. The next 6 months or so will tell.

The UK must by now have reached the state of ‘herd immunity’ but perhaps only for a sub-set of the Covid variants. In future Covid will likely be much like influenza viruses with many mutations, each one bypassing current immunity for some people.

However if all parties attending classes have been vaccinated then there should be less chance of getting a bad infection again, but not a zero chance of getting re-infected and not a zero chance of being infected by a new variant – and there lies the difficulty in coming back to ‘normal’ tango. It’s still going to be up to each of us to judge what we feel is safe and sensible for us, while trying to respect others sensibilities about the situation.

So I have published a tango taster course, and a beginners course to finish before Christmas. These are now open for booking and can be found on our ‘Events‘ page. As for Open classes I still need to think through some of the practicalities (such as ‘drop-in’ or not, and if ‘not’, how to create a sensible week to week booking method etc.)

For the rest of this year we will have ‘couples only’ who do not swap partners (sorry Singles – doesn’t mean you can’t join in, but does mean you have to find a dance partner to attend and stick with). By ‘couple’ I mean a person who will adopt the Leader role and one who will adopt the Follower role.

Please follow the Government advice and stay safe.

I look forward to seeing you very soon.