Argentine Milonga Workshop

The Argentine Milonga Workshop is suitable for Argentine Tango dancers who do not yet feel confident with dancing the Milonga (quick-step) style. Ideally you will have had a minimum of 20 weeks of Tango experience, and may have already attended a social dance (milonga).

This one and a half hour workshop introduces Argentine Milonga style – a fun, energetic, ‘knees up’ tango version of a quick step. The workshop introduces elements of Milonga technique and musicality, using figures you may already know (working out how to fit them into the Milonga timing), as well as introducing some figures ideally suited to the style.

It is ideal for couples wishing to learn this style, whether you want to try Argentine Milonga for the first time, or you wish to boost to your basic musicality and technique. By the end of the workshop my aim is to have you dancing a simple Argentine Milonga, using some classic figures, to a traditional Milonga tune.

It takes two to milonga, so this course will be role balanced (equal leaders and followers) as far as possible.

Take a look at the approximate workshop outline below, and if this appeals to you why not check our events page to see when our next Milonga workshop starts?

The workshop will cover as much of the following as time allows

The Milonga Walk

  • Walking with rhythm using rebound steps (rebote)
  • The Corrida with different rhythms
  • Double timing the basic walk
  • Walking with rhythm using ‘stumble’ steps (traspie)

Typical milonga figures

  • The basic Box step (Baldoza), in 3 different sizes
  • The Progressive Milonga Basic
  • Travelling Back Ochos with Speed
  • The Milonguero Cross
  • Using rebote and traspie in a Baldoza


What to bring: If you join in you’ll get hot (this is a ‘vigorous’ dance!), so wear comfortable layered clothing, your usual dance shoes, and any refreshments you may wish to consume.