Business Terms and Conditions

Tango Elegante

Tango Elegante is a club owned and run by Steve Gears for the purpose of teaching Argentine Tango and running Argentine Tango social dances. Steve Gears makes all management decisions, and the following sets out basic terms and conditions.


Bookings are only guaranteed when your booking has been confirmed. You will receive and email to indicate this. If you receive a ‘Booking Pending’ email, this is not a confirmed booking. It means that the event co-ordinator may be checking some aspect of your booking against available places, follower/leader balance etc. Once complete, you will receive a confirmation email.

When you make a booking for the first time you are also registered on the Tango Elegante website, and can login to view or cancel your booking at any time. You will receive a separate email containing your login details.

Event Cancellation or Changes

If you receive a ‘Booking Cancelled‘ email it will mean that either you have cancelled your booking and our system is simply confirming that, or it may mean that the whole event has had to be cancelled for some unforeseen reason. See the Refunds Policy below in relation to pre-paid money returned to you.

Tango Elegante will aim to keep everyone informed of cancelled events, changes of dates/times, changes of venue etc. in a timely manner, via email and postings on the Tango Elegante website, Facebook page, and Club Tango Elegante Facebook Group. However, before attending an event please check your email in-box (and spam folder if you haven’t ‘white listed’ to make sure the event hasn’t been cancelled or changed. If you are attending without booking, please check the website or Facebook page/group page for any notifications of event cancellation or changes. Tango Elegante or the venue will not be held responsible if you arrive at a cancelled event or on the wrong date.


Payments can be made either on arrival at the door (cash only), or via our payment forms. We use Paypal for on-line payments, but no Paypal account is needed to use debit/credit cards (just pay as a ‘guest’). When you enter payment details on-line you will be dealing with the secure Paypal system. Tango Elegante does not store any payment card details.

When you receive a booking confirmation you will find a link to our payment page where you can pay any time before the event starts, using the details supplied in the Booking Confirmation email in order to receive any discount offered. If you do not wish to pay in advance, please make sure you have the correct money, full price, to pay ‘on the door’.

Discount Prices

Discounts offered for a single date event are available to people booking online and paying before the start of the event. The cash price ‘on the door’ will always be the full amount if you have booked but not paid prior.

Discounts for booking a multi-date course are available when making payments before the course start date. Alternatively you may pay for the full course in cash at the end of the first session, at the full price.

If you are unsure whether Argentine Tango is for you, or whether Tango Elegante is the right school to teach you, please attend a taster workshop or pop along to a drop-in class where available, to try us out first.

Discount Cards

For dancers attending drop-in classes, we offer the Ten Week Discount Card which can be purchased for blocks of ten weeks, and give a discount to the ‘on the door’ cash price of regular classes. The discount card should not be used for special workshops, courses or social milongas which may be priced differently to regular classes. For workshops and course where attendance is by prior booking, please use the link in the booking confirmation email to pay.

The Discount Card will be valid for 6 months or until all ten boxes have been marked by Tango Elegante whichever is soonest. Please note that if you forget to bring your discount card, you will be required to pay the ‘on the door’ cash price, but you can continue to use the discount card for any regular class until it’s fully used up. See further details on the prices page.

Refund Policy

While Tango Elegante recognises that there may be last minute emergencies preventing attendance to events where you have pre-paid, as event organiser we take a decision to run (or not run) a ‘bookings only’ event based on the numbers booking to attend. As such it is difficult to offer customers flexibility of payment options, and at the same time cope with customers last minute decisions not to attend, therefore the refund policy is as stated follows;

  • Where an event is cancelled by Tango Elegante, any money already paid in advance of the cancellation for that event will be refunded in full.
  • Where an attendee cancels a pre-paid booking before the cancellation cut-off date (48hrs notice unless otherwise stated on the booking form), there will be an administration charge deducted from the amount refunded to cover the cost of fees incurred for payment processing, and administration. This charge will be 30% of the full price. Where an attendee cancels a pre-paid booking after the cancellation cut-off date there is no refund. Please be sure you can attend before making a booking.
  • Once an event has started there will be no refunds except under exceptional circumstance (e.g. the event cannot be completed). For multi-date events such as a course, there will be no refunds once a course has started, but unused dates can be exchanged for an equivalent number of drop in classes taken within 3 months of the last date of the course.
  • For regular drop-in PAYG classes, we offer absolute beginners a free lesson to verify that they are happy with all aspects of Tango Elegante offering. In all other cases, there is no refund for cash payment for a single class once it has been paid, except in exceptional circumstances (e.g. a student develops an illness early in the class, which would prevent them completing the class).
  • For Milongas/social dances where attendees pay on the door, if you decide to come into the event space you will be required to pay full price in cash, with no refund thereafter.
  • 10 Week Discount Card. There is no refund for not using all ten classes up (except where Tango Elegante ceases to trade – see below), since they do not need to be used in a block and can be used as and when you can attend. In very exceptional circumstances such as an accident which would prevent you from completing the ten lessons within the following 6 months, a pro rata refund may be negotiated. An administration charge may apply.
  • If Tango Elegante ceases to trade and you have pre-paid and have not yet used up your full entitlement you will receive a pro rata refund, with no administration charge.

In all other circumstances where you feel a refund is in order, by all means discuss any issues with the event organiser/teacher. We want you to feel you have been offered the event as advertised and that you find the experience of value. However, in all cases attendees should discuss issues before they leave. No refund will be given if a request is made after the attendee has left.

Privacy Policy

For full details of our Privacy Policy please click here.