Open Argentine Tango Classes Winter 2020 Part 1

Tango couple dancing in the snow - Tango Elegante Winter Season 2018Over this Winter Tango Elegante will be running open classes. Each class will be at least 1 hour long with up to 30 minutes practice/warm up time.

Who will benefit from these classes?

These classes are aimed at all levels from recent beginner to intermediate. Each class will consolidate what you already know and help you improve your dancing with new figures, movements and walking patterns, while learning more about musicality and how you can use the music to influence your dance.

Class Structure

The structure of each class will start off by looking at some basics, then introducing more and more difficult material over the hour until everyone has been able to learn something new, no matter what standard you currently regard yourself to be.

Typically in each class we will consider

  • A rhythmical walking pattern to expand your capability of dancing around the floor using musicality and technique, rather than just stepping to the main beat.
  • An introduction to, and practise of, simple and complex versions of the main categories of Argentine tango figures, such as Ochos, Giros, Crosses, Carrusel & Planeos, Off-axis movements, and so on. This will expand the leaders ‘toolkit’ of figures, while helping followers to get used to recognising and responding to the lead for the different versions of classic figures.
  • A build up of sequences of what we learn, so we can move smoothly and elegantly from walking to a number of linked figures, back to walking, whilst using the music to guide us. This will include using figures learned in previous weeks as well as the new figures in each week.

Booking a slot

The venue we currently use is small (room for 5 couples on the floor at anyone time), so although you don’t need to pay until you attend, it would be useful for you to book ( see form below) prior to attending to give me an idea on numbers.

Is this suitable for absolute beginners?

These classes are not suitable for absolute beginners with no experience of Argentine Tango. We run taster workshops followed by a ‘Ten Week to Tango’ course,on a regular basis which is suitable for absolute beginners. If you would like to join in then, please subscribe to my newsletter (email me with the subject line ‘Subscribe’) and I will keep you up to date with future classes and workshops

Do I need a partner?

Yes you do. Argentine Tango is a partner dance (one leader, one follower), so although you don’t have to be a ‘couple’, you will need someone to practice with. You can come with a friend of the same sex as long as one of you adopts each role. If you are looking for a partner to join a class with, put a comment here, stating which role you would like to take (Leader or follower) and ask if anyone else wants to match up with you.


Bookings are now closed for this event.

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  1. We have one Follower looking for a leader to book with. Any takers out there? Guys or girl leaders welcome 🙂

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