Follow Us Online, Keep in Touch

If you wish to keep up to date with events, classes, workshops, and the resources on this website there are many ways of remaining in touch.


For those who have a Facebook account, we run a Facebook Page and a Group.

Our Page is mainly used to advertise our events and classes and will be kept up to date with current and future dates etc. It is also the place to go if you wish to find a partner to join in a workshop or course, to guarantee that you will have someone to practice with all the time. Just pop a comment on the event you’re interested in to see if anyone will join with you to take advantage of any couples booking discounts. We will also make sure if there are any changes or cancellations they will be posted there. Find our Page here

Our Facebook Group is called Club Tango Elegante and is set up to keep club members in touch with each other, and with what social dances maybe going on in and around Watford. I also publish some of the tango articles from this website to that Group as well. Find Club Tango Elegante here.

Other ways of staying in touch

If you’re not on Facebook, you can keep in touch with changes and notices on this website by one of the following methods


I run a randomly timed newsletter which goes out when I’ve got something to say, so when there is an event coming up, or if I publish a new article about tango, I’ll send out a newsletter. It’s usually about one a month but occasionally two (or none!), in a given month.

Just send me a message to the address at the top of the page with the Subject line ‘Subscribe’ and I will put you on my mailing list.

News feeds

We have two news feeds, one to monitor changes in the pages on the website and the other to monitor changes in the comments made relating to an article. These allow you to to register to get an short email every time a change is made to a page, or to the comments for an article.

The email won’t tell you what the changes are, just that something on the website, page or in the comments has changed, so you can revisit to see what’s going on.