The Flavour of Tango – Argentine Tango Workshop

11/01/2020 @ 3:00 pm – 4:30 pm –

A 1.5 hr workshop in Pinner North London introducing Argentine Tango to new / recent beginners. Ideal for couples wishing to learn this beautiful elegant dance.

Book now (below) to avoid disappointment!

A one and a half hour workshop introducing Argentine Tango. It is for new beginners (never danced Argentine Tango before). Ideal for couples wishing to try out this beautiful, sophisticated and elegant dance. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before.

It takes two to tango, so this workshop will be role balanced (equal leaders and followers) as far as possible. If you don’t have a partner, please post a comment here to see if anyone is looking for a partner too, or email me (stating if you want to lead [usually the man] or follow [usually the woman]) and I will put you on a reserve list and try match you up with the opposite role.

The workshop will cover as much of the  following as time allows.

  • Stepping on the beat (paso al compas)
  • Marking time (marca el tiempo)
  • Embrace and connection (el abrazo)
  • Walking (caminata)
  • Open Box (Baldosa)
  • The Rock Turn (Vuelta de Roca)
  • The Run (corrida)
  • Front Figure 8’s (ocho adelante)
  • Stops (parada)
  • Step Over (pasada)
  • Adornments (adorno)
  • Basic Floor-craft
  • Basic Musicality

By the end of the workshop my aim is to have you dancing a simple Argentine Tango, using some classic figures, to a traditional tango tune.

Places are limited (10 people only) so you need to book and pay for your place below to guarantee entry. Please don’t attend without booking (we might be too full to let you in), and please don’t book without attending (you might be blocking a place that someone else could use instead)!

If you miss out on this workshop, don’t worry, we run these regularly across the year, subject to demand.

What to bring: Ideally you’ll need shoes (leather soles) which will allow you to turn on one foot, on a smooth floor, clothing to allow free movement, and any refreshments you may wish to consume.


Bookings are now closed for this event.

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