A Taste of Tango Workshop 2

Beginners Workshop in Argentine Tango

Our first workshop last week (10th March) was so enjoyable and successful we’re doing another one! This is a two hour workshop for new (never danced Argentine Tango before) or recent beginners (dancing a few weeks/months), in the beautiful, sophisticated and elegant dance of Argentine Tango.

Whether you want to try Argentine Tango for the first time, or you wish to boost to your basic musicality and technique, this workshop is for you.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve never danced before. No partner needed to join in, but we try balance leaders and followers where we can, so if you have a partner and can persuade them to come along, please bring them.

The workshop will cover as much of the following as time allows (or a bit more if you’re all really good 🙂 ).

  • Stepping on the beat (paso al compas)
  • Marking time (marca el tiempo)
  • Embrace and connection (el abrazo)
  • Walking (caminata)
  • Open Box (Baldosa) *NEW*
  • The Rock Turn (Vuelta de Roca) *NEW*
  • Half Moon Turn (Media Luna) *NEW*
  • The Run (corrida)
  • Front Figure 8’s (ocho adelante)
  • Stops (parada)
  • Step Over (pasada)
  • Adornments (adorno)
  • Basic Musicality

By the end of the workshop my aim is to have you dancing a simple Argentine Tango, using some classic figures, to a traditional tango tune.

Places are limited so you need to book your place below to guarantee entry. Please don’t attend without booking, and please don’t book without attending! While we are working out the gender balancing you may not receive an instant confirmation, but I will squeeze in as many single people as I can on a ‘first come first serve’ basis.

Booking closes at 12pm (midday) on 17th March. If you miss out on this workshop, drop me an email/text if you may be interested in regular classes in the Pinner area.

Men – I know you like to leave your options open for a Saturday afternoon (pub, watching footy etc), but  at our first workshop last week we had four (yes four!) lovely ladies needing a dance partner. Who knows how many we may have this week. 🙂


Bookings are now closed for this event.

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