Argentine Tango Dance Classes for Beginners

Tango journey starting with argentine tango classes for beginnersWhen starting out in your tango journey, what better place to start your first Argentine tango dance classes for beginners than somewhere where the teacher has great patience with Argentine tango beginners, a sense of humour, and who has been teaching for many years? Here at Tango Elegante I will teach you how to dance the Argentine tango. I always issue a myself a challenge that within the space of about 30 minutes to have each absolute beginner dancing the simplest Argentine Tango, with a tiny bit of musicality.

My Argentine Tango dance classes for beginners don’t just concentrate on choreography, pumping you full of fancy moves, where you can just bash out the same sequence no matter what the music is. I introduce all my Argentine Tango beginners to musicality and dance techniques as early as possible because although it means students have a little bit more to think about in the short term, in the medium to long term it will make it easier to learn to truly dance rather than just exercise to music 🙂

The quicker that Argentine tango beginners can understand what techniques to use, why they need them, how to perform them, and the quicker they can pick up the musicality of beats, syncopation, and melody, then the quicker and better they will learn to dance – even if it seems a bit more difficult in the first few weeks.

My Argentine tango dance classes for beginners can be challenging but if you truly have a desire to learn this beautiful elegant dance then you have to put some time and effort into it.

So the quicker you start your Argentine tango dance classes for beginners, the quicker you will be dancing this wonderful dance. Click here to join the growing community of Argentine tango beginners