Adult Dance Classes in Pinner for Argentine Tango

Example of Adult Dance Class for Argentine Tango

There are many different adult dance classes in the Pinner area, ranging from Modern Jive, Salsa, Lindy Hop, Ballroom through to Argentine Tango, so why pick Argentine Tango for your adult beginners dance classes?

    1. It is a partner dance. You can’t dance the Argentine Tango on your own, so it’s great for meeting new people, even if you mostly dance with your ‘other half’. Once your tango dance confidence improves, you can begin social dancing at your local Argentine Tango Milongas (social dances) of which Hertfordshire and North London have regular events. Or you could pop into central London where there is something on pretty much every day of the week. Since Argentine tango has also spread around the globe there is always somewhere to go tango dancing and meeting new people even when you’re on holiday.
    2. It is an improvisational dance so there are no long sequences or choreography to learn and remember, as in the range of ballroom and Latin dances. However there are plenty of dance techniques to learn which are not only important in Argentine tango but which are transferable skills to many other Western dance style. There is also a lot to learn about musicality which will help you to truly begin to dance on the main beat, the syncopated beats, and the melody (after much practice). This is a skill which many dancers don’t seem to be able to pick up in other dance classes for adults.
    3. There are three types of Argentine tango taught in most tango schools:- Salon, Vals and Milonga, each of which has it’s own rhythm, style and mood. Salon tango is a very satisfying (and sometimes romantic) dance when performed well by both partners and is the main topic taught in most tango schools. However the techniques of Salon tango will transfer well to the romantic twirly dance of the Vals (waltz) which always gets dancers smiling, and finally there is the fun dance of the Milonga (a type of quick step) which will have you breathless and laughing out loud at the same time! There is something for everyone.
      In many respects Argentine Tango offers all you need in this challenging variety of dances and is a great choice for one of your first adult beginners dance classes.
    4. Out of all the adult dance classes in the Pinner area, Argentine tango will give you many years (even decades|) of joy, happiness and exercise, so if you are ready to start your adult beginners dance classes, follow this link to find out about our adult dance classes, workshops and courses in the Pinner area.